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We used Rossana as our day of coordinator for our July 2014 wedding. She was, in one word, *invaluable*. In more words... She was so much more than a "day of" coordinator. In the months before the wedding she helped us with so many things, including vendor referrals, figuring out small styling details, setting a detailed timeline for the reception, and figuring out all the the million details you have no idea you need to figure out until you are in the middle of planning a big event. She made sure everything went perfectly on the day of the wedding. She really did it *all* from managing the vendors to make sure they arrived on time to making sure the flower girl knew where to start tossing petals to bustling my dress to even giving me an impromptu updo halfway through my reception after I'd spent a while on the dance floor and my hair was looking less than fresh on the bottom! From the first time I spoke to Rossana her warmth and sincerity came through and I knew she would be an amazing asset on the day of -- I'm happy to say that she proved to be way more than I thought I was getting when I hired her. I'm a very detail oriented person in my daily life and I knew on my wedding day I would want all of the plans to be executed well, but I wanted to be able to relax and not be managing vendors and details myself. I was able to enjoy my wedding so much more knowing she was there to make sure things were running smoothly. Hiring Rossana was easily one of the best wedding planning decisions we made. She is a wonderful person and an exceptional day of wedding coordinator.  

- Lisa & Marc 

I met Rossana in the hopes that I would be able to hire her as a day-of coordinator for my wedding that I was planning on my own. It turns out that I got so much more from her than that. She wanted to be involved in every detail and I found that even though it was hard for me to relinquish control, I could trust her. This is huge for any bride! Over the 9-10 months that I worked with Rossana, she was quick to answer any form of communication and had a great solution for every problem, as well as some of her own sage advice :) By the time the wedding came around, I trusted her completely. (My mom had also hired her for my shower, which was personalized and so beautiful!). On the day of the wedding, she was like I couldn't have even imagined - she took every issue with a smile and never got overwhelmed even though the wedding had a lot of personal details she had to mostly set up on her own. My mom's dress ripped; she fixed it with a smile. She got word that I was unhappy with my flowers (but it was actually a different bride) and she came right up and asked me gently how things were going. I lost track of her once the reception got underway, but she was just incredible and everything we talked about happened on time and beautifully, so I know she was present even though I couldn't see her. Rossana is an amazingly hard worker and she does a great job of learning who you are and has a great attention to detail. She's the best person to have on your side! I would 100% recommend her, even if you're a bride who likes to do their own thing - let her in and she will take care of you!!!

- Allison N.

My fiancé and I could not be any happier and stress free planning our wedding because of Rossana's involvement. From the first time we sat with her for our consultation, we knew we wanted her involved in our big day. She is very enthusiastic, CREATIVE, a quick thinker, and willing to go above and beyond for her clients. Anytime we need to contact Rossana, via phone or email, anytime of the day, to ask a question, update her, or just want her opinion on something, she is very quick to respond!! I absolutely love how she makes it a priority to get to know her clients, as she did with my fiancé and I, so is able to customize her wonderful ideas and visions to suit our desire!! I feel extremely confident about having a backyard wedding on October 6, 2012 with about 120 people because Rossana has been and will by our side the whole way!!!  

- Nicole & Avery

I'm currently using Rossana as my wedding planner and could not have made a better choice. Not only is she patient, fun and organized... But she is so amazingly creative in ways that I never thought you could figure out for wedding details. She's very good and learning your personality and tastes and then turning those into memorable, tangible things. What I also think makes her unique is that she can have the big vision about what you want and see a theme and seamlessly make things fall into place. I've also been able to attend some non-wedding parties she has planned and she has turned tiny apartments into spacious lofts...and country cottages into city lounges. She's pretty amazing. At a time when I think I'd be stressed with planning, Rossana has me at ease for all the details. I'd highly recommend her for your wedding planning needs!

- Monica & Ryan

I am currently working with Rossana for my wedding in July 2012. Her dedication to our vision is what makes her so special and so amazing to work with. She has quickly become a great member of our team and she will be a friend for years to come. Rossana can make you feel better about any situation that a bride may come across as she is planning her wedding. She always has a solution! Her talent, creativity and ability to realize a bride's vision is what makes her so very invaluable!

- Allison & Scott

Rossana removed so much stress from our wedding since she thought of and worked on so many little details there was no way I would have had time to think about. Everything from chair decorations, to personalized drinks to menus to programs, to table numbers, and MUCH more. She responded to inquiries very quickly, and was very passionate about her job, and it almost felt like she was planning the wedding for herself. Everything was handmade and was beautiful.She understood exactly what we wanted and would go all out to make everything we wanted 10 times better than anything we would have thought of. She would make trips to the venue to try things out and everything worked perfectly.  I would definitely recommend her for anyone planning a wedding!

- Steven & Lauren

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